Wipe Tools

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Nautilus Wipe

Nautilus Wipe is an extension for Nautilus that provides wiping integration.

Getting Nautilus Wipe

Release tarballs

The release tarballs containing the source code can be found in the download area. The latest version is Nautilus Wipe 0.3.1.

Development repository

Nautilus Wipe uses Git; you can browse the repository online at http://git.tuxfamily.org/wipetools/nautiluswipe/.

Getting the source code is a matter of cloning. As an anonymous user:

git clone git://git.tuxfamily.org/gitroot/wipetools/nautiluswipe.git

or if you have an account on TuxFamily, as a logged user:

git clone ssh://user@git.tuxfamily.org/gitroot/wipetools/nautiluswipe.git

Reporting bugs

Please report any bug you find to the bug-report-address at the top of the configure.ac file in the source tree.

This address is shown at the bottom of the ./configure --help output.